Dental Imaging Unit

Dental Imaging Unit

Misr Radiology Center offers comprehensive dental imaging services including Panorama and
Cone Beam CT (CBCT). We are proud to announce the installation of the latest state of the
art dental imaging unit available in the market, Planmeca Viso G7, offering:

  • Ultra-low dose imaging
  • Movement artefact correction
  • Live virtual FOV positioning
  • Large 25-30 cm sensor
  • Improved proface photos
  • Cephalosat option

Studies available at our specialized medical imaging unit:

Standard panorama
Panorama with bite-wing
Lateral cephalometry
P.A cephalometry
Sinus view (Water’s view)

Single tooth
Single quadrant
Single arch (mandible or maxilla)
Both arches
Full face (FOV 14×16)
Endo mode (voxel size 0.075 mm)
ENT mode (sinuses, nasopharynx, temporal bone)
Cochlear implant protocol
Complete TMJ analysis
4D TMJ”New

Implant planning
Cephalometric analysis
Complete ortho panel
Intra oral photography
Extra oral photography
3D photography”New
Complementary MRI for oncological lesions”New


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