Introduction to Theranostics


Theranostics is a new field of medicine which combines specific targeted therapy based on specific targeted diagnostic tests.

Therapy + Diagnostics = Theranostics!

This is a new technology used worldwide, where we can diagnose and treat certain tumors using radioactive materials (nuclear medicine).

Discover the type of receptor on each type of tumor cells.
Create a chemical molecule to specifically target this receptor.
Detect the tumor using low amount of radiation attached to the created compound (diagnostic part).
Kill the tumor by delivering high radiation dose to the same receptor (therapeutic part).
  1. Develop a very sensitive and specific diagnostic scan, which allows accurate disease staging and accordingly choose best therapeutic option.
  1. Predict who will respond to therapy and who will not.
    • Using the diagnostic PET/CT exam, we can confirm presence of receptors on the tumor cells.
    • If the patient has enough receptors then more likely the patient will respond to therapy.
    • If the patient does not have enough receptors then the patient will not respond to therapy, so we switch to another therapeutic alternative early on.
  1. Deliver targeted radiation therapy intra-venously.
    • Radiation will go into systemic blood circulation, then target tumor cells all over the body using their receptors, with little effect on healthy cells so this method decreases treatment related toxicity.


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