Totum MRI Scan


Non-Invasive: no contrast or needles required.

Radiation-Free: MRI machines are 100% free of ionizing radiation and totally safe.

45-Minute Examination

Comprehensive Report: within 4-6 days a complete patient-friendly report is provided.

Top Detection: the most accurate tool for early detection of tumors and various diseases.


The Totum MRI scan is a medical imaging technique that utilizes the MRI technology to provide a non-invasive and highly detailed view of organs, tissues, and other structures for the full body, helping in the early detection of various medical conditions.

By identifying cancer at its earliest stages, we have discovered its greatest weakness—early detection. Totum MRI Scan provides comprehensive early detection screening, with the ability to screen up to 500 different cancers and diseases.

Experience the “Screening Test for Him” and “Screening Test for Her” and unlock the power of early cancer detection. Studies have shown that early detection leads to an impressive 80% survival rate, while late-stage cancer survival rates are less than 20%.

Our annual scanning protocol is designed to catch potential cancer and diseases at their nascent stages, significantly enhancing the chances of successful treatment.

Embrace the opportunity to detect diseases that can impact your quality of life at an early stage. Our scans cover a wide range of conditions, including multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia, fertility assessment for both males and females, degenerative disorders, lifestyle-related diseases, and various patterns of autoimmune disorders.

Take charge of your health and stay one step ahead with Totum MRI’s advanced screening technology.

  1. Get a snapshot of your full health picture including all body organs.
  2. Check if you’re among the 5% that could potentially get diagnosed with life changing news.
  3. Find out any abnormalities such as spine degeneration resulting from our lifestyle such as use of electronic devices, to take an earlier course of action.

Scans are available for individuals aged 18 and above, who are not pregnant and do not have devices that are contraindicated in electromagnetic fields, such as metal implants or pacemakers.

  • If you’re seeking an efficient general screening and check-up to eliminate any abnormalities or potential cancers, we have you covered.
  • For those with a positive family history of various cancers or Alzheimer’s disease, we can provide the necessary scans and evaluations.
  • If you have a vague complaint and are unsure about where to begin or which medical professional to consult, our scans can help provide valuable insights and guide you in the right direction.
MRC Prenuvo
Organs covered All body organs 13
Gender specific Yes No
Types of findings 500 500
1.5T MRI machines Yes Yes
3T MRI machines Yes No
How many radiologists interpreting the results? 2 1
How many days to process the results? 4 to 6 10 to 15
Pricing $300 (almost 10% of the price in the US) $2,499

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    1 in 5 men

    will develop cancer during their lifetime.

    1 in 6 women

    will develop cancer during their lifetime.


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