Breast Imaging (Mammography)


Breast imaging involves a series of minimally invasive procedures that can be used to detect, diagnose and treat abnormalities in the breast tissue.  Women are encouraged to undergo breast imaging exams on a regular basis to help screen for any changes or abnormal lumps within the breast, as early detection is valuable in treating any type of cancer or tumor.  There are several different types of breast imaging procedures, each offering its own benefits.

Breast imaging procedures can be used to detect, diagnose, stage and treat abnormalities within the breast tissue that can indicate breast cancer, benign tumors or other related conditions.  They may also be used to determine the effectiveness of treatments, plan surgery and help determine the best treatment for detected abnormalities.  Patients may need more than one imaging procedure if the results of the initial procedure indicate a potential problem.

Breast imaging procedures are typically painless, although patients may experience slight discomfort or experience pressure on the breast from the compression, which may be uncomfortable if the breasts are sensitive.

There are usually no special preparations needed for breast imaging procedures, but for mammograms the doctor will ask you to bring the results of prior mammograms with you, if possible.

General breast imaging exams are minimally invasive and carry little to no risk of complications. They are safe for most patients and are performed on an outpatient basis in less than an hour. The images produced by these exams are extremely valuable in diagnosing breast cancer in its earliest stages and enabling more effective treatment.


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