Body Composition Scan (DEXA)

Available in Marghany, New Cairo and Nasr City Branches

GE prodigy DEXA machine provides precise and accurate data for a comprehensive body composition analysis that includes bones, muscles and fat. The measurements are fast, easy, precise and comfortable.

The data provides analysis for total body as well as regional sections such as trunk, arms, thighs and pelvic regions.

  1. It’s considered the gold standard in assessing body fat percentage due to its excellent precision and accuracy which, contrary to bio-impedance analysis machines, doesn’t depend on:
    • Several variations such as eating, hydration level, and recent physical activity.
    • Equation assumptions such as gender, age, and physical activity level.
  2. Direct fat measurements using 3 compartment models as opposed to the indirect methods using 2 compartments only as in the bio-impedance analysis machines.
  3. Complete reporting of body composition in different regions with total body image showing amount of fat and available graphs for future follow up scans.
  4. Added value of total bone density included in the scan which can detect early osteoporosis.
  5. It measures the amount of visceral adipose tissue which is the unhealthy fat responsible for several health issues such as cardiovascular disease, helping in early detection and treatment.

The exam takes 6-10 minutes lying flat on an open table machine and a scanning arm passes over your body generating a narrow beam of very low-dose X-rays. The amount of radiation exposure is 0.37 μGy which is equal to the amount of natural exposure from a 1-hour flight (Radiation dose from 135 DEXA scans equals 1 chest X-ray exam).

You may be able to remain fully clothed if your clothes are free of any metals such as zips, hooks and buckles. If not, you will be provided a gown to wear.


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