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Announces the Establishment


MRC Academy for High End Magnetic Resonance for Educational, Research and Training Purposes

PET/MRI, 3 Tesla & 1.5 Tesla MRI

The academy covers, but is not limited to:

1. Educational Training:

For doctors and technicians, by esteemed subspecialized Radiology professors and chief technicians, including:

  • Lectures
  • Observation of live cases exams
  • Read out sessions
  • Post processing activities
  • Other hands-on experiences

2. Research:

Performing any type of research in PET/MR and high end MR applications (Neuro, Body, MSK, Cardiac) tailored for an individual, a specific group or companies.

3. Trials: 

  • Pulse sequence trials
  • MRI contrast media studies
  • PET tracer studies


All the above is subject to acquiring proper patients’ consents.

Why MRC?

  • State of the art machines
  • Advanced high end techniques
  • Highly trained and experienced staff
  • First site to install PET/MRI in Africa and the Middle East

Where is the location?

MRC is located in Cairo, Egypt with multiple branches across the city.

What is covered in the training program?

The training is tailored according to the needs of the client, which is discussed in a briefing meeting, followed by a full proposal for the proposed program that fits your  objectives. You’ll be trained by our highly experienced staff in a hands-on environment.

What is the duration and cost of the program?

The duration and cost vary depending on your needs. Details will be enclosed in our proposal sent to you post the briefing meeting.

What are examples of the high end exams performed at MRC?

At Misr Radiology Center, we perform most of the metabolic/functional high end MR techniques on both our 3Tesla unit and 1.5Tesla unit, in addition to our newly installed PET/MRI machine.

1) MR Spectroscopy  

This is done for all brain lesions whether neoplastic or non neoplastic and also for all types of neurological diseases including epilepsy, autism, and leukodystrophies.

This is done using single voxel and multi-voxel using various echoes and with high quality post processing.

Spectroscopy of the spinal cord can be also performed particularly on the 3Tesla MR unit.

2) MR Perfusion

This is done by various perfusion methodologies like non contrast perfusion or arterial spin labeling as well as post contrast perfusion such as T1 perfusion (permeability imaging) and T2 perfusion (susceptibility imaging) and also done for brain focal lesions as well as cases of stroke and epilepsy.

Perfusion of the spinal cord is also performed particularly on the 3Tesla MR unit.

3) MR Diffusion Imaging

This is done using traditional diffusion with ADC maps and also as apart of IVIM that acquires true diffusion and pseudo diffusion as well as allowing performance of diffusion kurtosis and perfusion fraction.

4) MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging with MR Tractography

This is done for the brain and spinal cord with qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data and again for brain lesions and for neurological and even psychiatric conditions if needed.

5) Functional MR Studies, which includes:

  1. Paradigm based functional MRI for brain tumors, epilepsy surgery and arteriovenous malformation and this is done for motor language, visual, auditory and memory functions using special dedicated paradigms.
  2. Resting State Functional connectivity MRI for neurological and psychiatric conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, OCD, autism, ADHD and various other disorders. We performed analysis using versus analysis techniques whether seed based analysis and/or independent component analysis with their quantitative data.
  3. Event related paradigms can also be performed using response pads specially for high cognitive functions.

6) PET/MRI study

Read more about all PET/MRI applications here:

What's MRC's track record to offer such programs?

  • Performed more than 5,000 of such high-end function metabolic MR techniques.
  • Long track of research work being performed whether to be featured in  journals or to be used for PHD thesis.

What kind of research is done on MRC's facilities?

We offer our platforms for the referring clinicians whether neurosurgeons or neurologist or psychiatrists as well as non medical referrals from psychologists, learning disability experts and educational experts, in addition to all pharmaceutical research.

 If interested, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Yasser Abdelazim, Partner & Head of MRI Unit


Mobile: (+2) 01005431177

Dr. Ahmed El Zoghby, PET/MRI Senior Radiologist


Mobile: (+2) 01113000123

Ms. Doha Tantawy, COO


Mobile: (+2) 01001393380

Mr. Mohamed Ashour, Marketing Executive


Mobile: (+2) 01227538981


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